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“Casey is an incredibly bright, talented and creative sales marketer with a unique skill set that includes not only understanding how to craft a highly measurable and profitable digital program but how to provide on-going value against it and how to execute it. Casey really "gets digital". She understands that building strong user experiences and thorough measurement plans are key components to driving the success of a program or campaign. I highly recommend her to any organization that is serious about creating a digital marketing strategy that generates revenue and is positioned to evolve with an ever shifting digital landscape.”
— Grace E. Mangum, Director International Digital Media at A+E Networks

“Casey's strong work ethic and knowledge of the art and digital media industries makes her an invaluable asset to any team. She is a strong leader that draws on her vast industry knowledge to conceptualize innovative media campaigns and bring them to life for large scale clients.”
— Nathalie Hirschtritt, Digital Campaign Planning Manager at Bloomingdale's

“Casey brings a lot of creativity to everything she does. She is very talented and organized. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her.”
— Scott Kilroy, Chief Technology Officer at Waywire Networks

“Casey's knowledge of internet advertising goes way beyond the norm. She is incredibly creative, always looking for unique solutions to get advertisers messages across. In addition she is knowledgable in building campaign platforms and coordinating the various departments quickly and efficiently.”
— Wendy Buckley, Advertising Sales and Marketing Consultant

“Casey expertly fulfilled her role as Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager and lead the effort to conceptualize and package the company's media assets to meet large brand client objectives, among many other projects. I was very impressed with the way she was able maintain her creativity under very tight client deadlines. Casey was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.”
— Dan Rosen, Entrepreneur




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