NET-A-PORTER employed Louise Blouin Media's digital to publish a digital “Style Guide” feature for the Fall 2013 art world VIP parties. The custom content feature included a curated selection of fashion choices from NET-A-PORTER’s website.

The "Style Guide" assisted the BLOUINARTINFO.COM audience in top fashion picks for the art world’s best galleries, fairs, auctions and most talked about VIP events.

The Custom Content Program Included:
• Custom article that introduced the “Style Guide
• 100% SOV for Net-A-Porter display ads targeted to style guide and photo slideshow as well as logo branding
• A custom photo slideshow featuring curated selections of VIP party-worthy clothing from NET-A-PORTER’s website and included links back to purchase the items.
• Custom e-newsletter sent to over 30,000 subscribers
• Social media campaigns that promoted the “Style Guide” on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook